OCS In the World

OCS (Overseas Courier Services) started it’s activities in 1974 in Japan and by a global vision.
Main activity of OCS as a courier company is to handle transportation of documents and non-commercial samples by using it`s vast network (250 branches in 95 countries) in minimum time period and with highest possible quality.

OCS In Iran

OES (Overseas Express Services) as the official representation of OCS Japan in Iran started it`s activities in Iran in 1997 and is one of the vanguards of courier business in Iran. OCS Tehran is able to provide all services provided by OCS Japan in Iran. As a Japanese company our main focus is to provide our services to Japanese companies working in Iran such as Mitsubishi, Marubeni , Sumitomo and ... but meantime we are in contact with many Iranian big companies such as SAIPA ,IKID and .... and provide above mentioned services to them too.