Request For Shipment

Shipper  Info. : 
In this section contact information of shipper has to be put.
Shipment Info. :
In this section shipper has to mention content of the shipment and it’s related HS code, shipment dimensions (longest distance in each dimension). And shipment weight.
Calculations will be done according to actual or dimensional weight each one is higher.
Dimensional weight = (L*W*H in cm)/5000
Consignee Info. :
In this section complete contact information of consignee has to be written including Address, postal code, phone number.
Additional Info. :
 In this section any additional description about shipment has to be mentioned (if necessary

Shipper Info

Shipper Name:
ID Number:
Shipper Phone:
Shipper Address:

Shipment Info

HS Code:

Consignee Info

Consignee Name:
Consignee Phone:
Consignee Address:
Consignee Postal Code:

Additional Info

Additional Info:

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